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Where it all began...

Our journey began over 30 years ago when I (Tanya) was stationed with my husband, Taylor, in Germany. Here I was, this small town girl from Texas, being introduced to a whole new world of people, cultures, and awe-inspiring beauty. The snow-capped mountains and the valleys covered in grapevines were breathtaking (yes, it was here that I discovered wine. Fine, smooth, delicious wine). This is where my passion for travelling began.

I was able to travel to many different countries from Germany. I visited Austria, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, and England - just to name a few. After a few months in Germany, along came Ashley, a world traveler since the day she was born (ask her how many times she has been to Neuschwanstein Castle). Later, Rachel and Olivia started their travel journeys while we lived in California, where we camped along the Pacific Coast Highway, as well as the state parks. This is where we fell in love with the ocean. Just being near it, on the beach with the tide coming in and out, is magnificent. So, it only made sense that Rachel and Olivia's first foreign travel, inevitably, was a cruise taking all of us to the Caribbean's crystal blue waters and sandy beaches.

We have always felt that every vacation was like "hiding from life". A small chance to relax and hide from our every day stresses, so that when we did come back, we could tackle "real" life.



Over the years, there have been many Neely explorations around the US and the world. These travels have inspired us to help others have the great adventures too. We take pride in our qualifications as travel consultants with our years of travel experience and knowledge, as well as our continuing studies of adventure locations and travel industry certifications.

Image by Angel Santos

Meet the Neelys

We love traveling. Hope our photo ops inspire you.

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