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Q & A - Part III Are You Prepared if You Miss Your Ship?

You've missed your ship at your port of call... are you prepared?

No one ever plans on missing their ship at a port of call, but it does happen. Do you have what you need with you to make it back to your ship?

When you get off the ship, these are the things you should have with you:

  • Passport If you do not have a passport, take whatever you had that you used as an ID to get on the ship - your birth certificate and your federal or state ID. However, in the event that you miss your ship, you will typically have to fly to the next port to meet them. You cannot fly without a passport. So, if you do not have one you will have to wait for an emergency passport which may take up to 2-3 days! By then, your cruise is probably over and you will just have to fly home. :(

  • Wallet You need your wallet so you will have your money with you. In the event that you do miss your ship, you will now be spending your own money to stay in country or to get a flight to the next port. You mean the cruise line is not going to pay for your mistake?! No, no they are not. The cruise line has informed you of their plans, it is not their fault that your plans did not align.

  • Copy of the ship's Daily Planner The reason you take your cruise planner with you, is because there is an emergency number in that cruise planner. That emergency number is the one that you will cal if you're going to be delayed because of an emergency. In some cases, they ship may even be able to wait for you. BUT! If you partied a little too long and your running a little late, that is not a reason for the ship to wait for you.

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