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For women, Mexico in the summertime is not just about shorts and flip-flops. It is a time we get to wear what we mid-westerns never get to wear, resort wear. But there is a commonsense reason to wear resort clothing that does not have to do with fashion at all. And that is the Cancun climate.

Most of the time in Cancun, it is hot and humid. The months of June through September it is also the wet season in Mexico. Although Cancun does not tend to get an awfully bad wet season, it can rain more between June and September, and it can experience the odd tropical storm or hurricane during this time period. The wet season also happens to be the hottest time of year in Cancun. Expect temperatures well into the 90s Fahrenheit. It drops only a few degrees when the sun goes down. You do not need to worry about wanting something thicker for the evenings.

That is why resort wear is perfect for Cancun. Wearing lightweight, light-colored clothing, and flowing fabrics such as cotton, linens, and other lightweight material helps to keep you cool and dry. It also helps to hide those unsightly underarm stains.

Think, too, about the activities you will be doing while in the area. Obviously, hiking and swimming require different outfits. In this list, I am only concentrating on what you will need for the resort.

Keeping those parameters in mind, here is my list of items for Cancun.

I want to start with the NO Nos for Mexico list

Guns, alcohol, CBD products, cannabis of any kind, cigarettes, electronic cigarettes ie vaping products of any kind, all narcotic drugs, drugs with codeine, fruits, vegetables, fancy jewelry, and personal or sentimental items you wouldn’t want to lose, branded products are popular with thieves

Your Carry – On

I have, in the past, taken only a carry-on and it is really that is all you need. But if you like to take your own snorkel gear or other activity gear as I do you might need a checked bag. But it is important to pack some of your essentials in a carry-on in case your checked bag is delayed or, OMG lost.

Make sure to carry at least the following in your carry-on and BE AWARE, everything in your carry-on goes through security screening. Only 3 oz. containers or less of liquids are acceptable. You can carry your water bottle through empty and fill it on the secure side of the terminal.

  • All important documents (passport, hotel information, transfer information)

  • Phone

  • Chargers – Phone, Tablet, Kindle, Camera, and portables are good to have too

  • Camera

  • 2 outfits - one beach outfit and one dinner outfit

  • 1 bathing suit

  • Sunscreen – 3 0z or less

  • Medicines to include whatever you take for a headache and motion sickness

  • Whatever you like to keep you busy on the plane – book or tablet

  • Whatever you use to make you feel good about yourself when you are at the beach or out to dinner i.e. make-up, a hat, sunglasses, heels, etc.,

  • Filtered water bottle – Since you can NOT drink tap water or even brush your teeth with it in Mexico, you will be relying on bottled water or filtered water. I would suggest a filtered water bottle. One that filters bacteria and parasites like LifeStraw.

Your Checked Bag

It can be no heavier than 50 pounds. Every airline has its own policies.

Please check with your airline before you pack.

  • Shorts – cool, light fabrics

  • Tee shirts or tank tops – the lighter weighted the better

  • Undergarments – let’s leave the unmentionable, unmentionable

  • Sundresses – think multi-purpose dress, something that you can wear during the day and at night.

  • Swimsuits – at least two. You will be wearing one every day and the other you will probably want to rinse and dry at night.

  • Swimsuit Cover-Up – both for protection from the sun and for going into the buffet for breakfast or lunch

  • Beach sandals - should be comfortable. You should not be worried about getting them sandy or wet.

  • Dressy shoes – For dinner think high wedges and strappy sandals

  • Shoes appropriate for your activities – hiking, swim shoes, tennis shoes, fins

Non-Clothes Items

  • Hat – beach, visor, or baseball hat.

  • Sun Protection – Sunscreen and maybe an SPF shirt

  • Sunglasses – the sun is VERY bright and strong and reflects off the water

  • Waterproof Phone Pouch

  • Rain Jacket

  • Kindle or a book - If you read as quickly as I do on vacation, you will want to pack a Kindle instead of books. You can easily download several books at home and carry them in the Kindle without adding bulk or weight to your bags.

  • A waterproof/dry bag – boat trips, snorkeling from a boat. Keeps your belongings and clothes dry.

  • Bug Repellant – You will see bugs everywhere…in your room, at the beach, and on your excursions. Sometimes, they will be awful and sometimes you will not notice them at all.

  • Medication – yes, I mentioned this before. But in addition to any personal medications you may need, throw in some activated charcoal or over-the-counter medicine to treat diarrhea, or upset stomach, just in case.

  • First Aid Kit – Small with a few bandages, anti-biotic and anti-itch ointments

  • Backpack or Beach Tote Bag – You can use the same bag you used for a carry-on for the plane, then use it when you get to Cancun for holding water bottles, sunscreen, and any other essentials when you are on the go, but I use a different bag for the beach. I do not like sand in all my electronics or clothes I take on the plane. (I also pack clothes in my carry-on back home.)

  • Ziplock bags – Gallon size is useful for bringing home wet clothes and shoes

  • Batteries – Any batteries that are a special size, such as for hearing aids or digital cameras


An insulated cup – These are great to keep your beverage nice and cold and not all melty. Choose a size of about 20-24 oz, without going overboard. You will still want it to be easy to carry.

Floaty - You are probably going to be in the pool a lot, and you want to be comfortable. I leave them for others to use after I have gone. The cheap ones are perfect.

Cash for tips - While tips are technically included at all-inclusive resorts, you’ll want to bring some money for extra tips. One-dollar bills are great for this purpose. Your bartenders and waiters work hard to help you have a fabulous vacation. A great tip can make someone’s day!

A way to stash cash - If you are hanging out at the pool, you might not have an excellent way to keep ahold of your cash. Maybe use your waterproof phone case.

Other quick tips:

If you bring clothes that you want to wash in the sink, you will need to make sure you dry them inside in the air conditioning and it may take more than one night. Keep it to the lightweight material and not jeans.

The plane may get too cold for you even in the worst summer. I take a light sweater and never regret it until I am walking through the Cancun airport which is 100 degrees.

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