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Comparing Beverage Packages to Individual Drinks

Royal Caribbean Drink Prices and Beverage Package Comparison

Beers $6.25-$7.95

Bottle of water (500 ml) $3.25

Drink of the day $8

Freshly squeezed juice $4.95

House wines (by the glass) $8-$16

Juices $3.95

Mixed drinks/cocktails, martinis, frozen $10-$14

Premium coffee $3.95-$5.95

Prices are a little bit different on each ship so these prices are approximate and do not include 18% gratuity. When you buy the package you are paying for gratuity even on drinks such as a bottle of water which you would not normally pay.

If you are thinking about the Deluxe package, consider this example, for each cruise day the package costs $45-55 plus an additional 18% gratuity making the cost of the package to be roughly $53.10 - 64.10 per day.. If you drink 3 glasses of wine $36, juice 4, bottle of water 3.25, and premium coffee 5.95 that would be $58.06 per day with gratuities.

Easy right? Maybe. Don’t forget port days. Will you only be drinking on the ship? When you go into Cozumel will you have a few margaritas and when you get back onboard will you still be drinking the above daily minimum? What about days on the cruise line’s private island? The bars on the island are not included in the drinking package and neither are drinks ordered with room service or in your mini-bars. Just a few things to think about.

Something else you should consider. You can take 2 750ml bottles of wine on board PER CABIN during embarkation in you carry-on luggage. There is a $15 corkage fee if you decide you would like it at dinner or in one of the lounges, but as long as you open it in your cabin it will not cost you to bring it on board. You can ask your room steward for glasses and a cork screw. Pour it in your cabin and go for a walk with it anywhere on the ship even the dining room. Leave the empty glasses at a table or bar and ask the bartender for clean glasses to take back to your cabin. Easy.

This article is Royal Caribbean specific. We offer all of our clients information based on their voyages cruise line and ship. Contact us if you have any questions.

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